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Wow, check this out. XXL's Elliott Wilson is reporting that "Puffy and the Hitmen", which he later quantifies as Puffy, Sean C. and LV, have 5 tracks on Jay-Z's November 6 release, "American Gangster". From the article:

Jay told me a funny story in the elevator on the way to get his first look at the Hype Williams-directed “Blue Magic” video. He said Puff would always bug him like, “N**** let me executive produce your next album.” Jay would basically be like, “What the f*** you talkin’ about? I’m a boss. And you’re a boss. That don’t even make any sense.” But finally Hova gave in and agreed to at least listen to what the Shiny Suit man had cookin’ in the stu. Surprisingly, he was blown away. ...

Just how Just Blaze’s work inspired the beginning of Kingdom Come, the Hitmen tracks built the foundation of American Gangster.

Very interesting. Read the article for more.

Via Nah Right (yeah, finding a bunch of stuff on there tonight).