Check out our Bad Boy Records section for more posts about Bad Boy Records. has an interview with Conrad Dimanche. It's a solid interview and well worth a read as the interviewer It seems like a lot of Bad Boy artists like Black Rob, Shyne, and G-Dep have had hard times making follow up albums -- due to obstacles like catching a case. Is it frustrating to build up an artist only to see their fire fizzle out from inescapable consequences?

Conrad Dimanche: It is frustrating because honestly, it's a lot of work to build em up to that point. It is what it is, that's life. It's not every artist -- there are the guys that manage to keep their heads straight. Bad Boy is often referred to as "the Shelf" because it seems as if there has been a pattern of signing artists and not doing much with them like eight year veteran Cheri Dennis. Why is that?

Conrad Dimanche: We don't have that many artists signed at this moment. 20 artists isn't a lot for any record label. Some people get signed and things don't work out, but I think we're doing pretty good as far as our ratio of artist we put out against other labels and the success we have with our projects. As far as albums that come out, we always go gold or platinum. And Sean, Mr. Combs, is always under the microscope, so we have to put out quality product.