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It's over a week hold, but I just noticed the interview with Sean C. and LV. It's a good read.

JR: What was Jayís reason for putting you on 6 tracks?

SC: You know we was forming the Hitmen situation. He was like this is the album that we can kind of bring it back. You know put that stamp back on it. So Puff hit us up and was like Iím going to work with Jay and I want him to do some joints with ya'll. This was like a month ago.

LV: This album moved real fast.

SC: Yea. Puff was like I want to do some joints with ya'll. Send me joints and Iím going to send them to Jay. And then thatís how it happens. We were in the studio chillin. Puff called Jay. Told him he has to come over here now. Jay got there in like 15 minutes flat. You know so thatís how it went down. You know Puff comes in and he adds his thoughts and stuff. You know his little thing of making records bigger. You may think he doesnít do anything but he does do something. He definitely comes in. We might have something and heíll say a certain thing. Like we need to put this there, or maybe call a certain musician to come in and direct him and it might make the record a lot bigger then we thought it would be. He produces it. You know a producer is just not someone who hits the drum machine or whatever. He comes in and orchestrates. Heís a conductor. We give him his props on that because a lot of people donít.

LV: Because they just donít want to, you know when n***** deserve props.