Check out our Diddy/Dirty Money section for more posts about Diddy/Dirty Money. has an interview with Jackie Long, where he discusses his relationship with Diddy. You have a personal relationship with Diddy. How did that come about?

Jackie Long: I don’t know. You know how we were just talking about being around the right people, and choosing your friends? I was always the guy that kind of stayed to myself. I would see Diddy all the time, and we’d speak. And I would walk away feeling like a little a** kid, like, “That’s Puffy.” [Laughs] But then it was like, we’re all the same people. Like, the first time he called me, I don’t even know how he got the number, but he called me up and was like, “Yo! N***a, this Diddy! I thought I was the hardest person to get a hold of.” He invited me some place, and it’s been a few years now and we’ve been real close every since. Like his home is my home. He’s a good dude to be around and learn from. He’s a very smart dude and I look up to him a lot. Okay, so about this You Tube clip y'all have on the net…

Jackie Long: [laughs] Man, he called me up as I was leaving the set of The Comebacks and said he was at the Jimmy Kimmel and for me to come through. So I went through. We were chillin’, and then I took my hat off. He was like, “N***a, what in the hell is up with your head?” He didn’t even say hi or nothing, [he] just went straight for my hairline. But see, me and him are always talking about each other, doing what boys do. That was a good day. He got me that day with the forehead. It’s cool! You got me on that one Diddy. I got you on the next one.

The video that he's referencing is this one: