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I just watched Diddy's performance right before my Dolphins go up against the Steelers. Overall, it was a good performance. He performed "Come to Me" with an alternate beat of sorts. I wish he would have used the regular version of the song just because I like it better.

It was pretty clear that he was lip syncing (a little more apparent than it should have been) and he brought out Cassie and Danity Kane to lip sync the female/group parts of the song. I didn't see Yung Joc. For a 5 minute performance, though, it was a pretty big production. Large band on stage, like 6-8 dancers that shadowed Diddy, lots of lights and fireworks. It was a good routine. If the lip syncing was on point, it would have been a great one. Like I said, though, a good performance.

Edit: Actually, in watching the video again, Yung Joc was the hype man. You can see him when Diddy moves out to the circle in a white shirt (and also behind Cassie and 2 of the Danity Kane girls in a later shot).