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Q: Whatever happened to that album you and Babs was supposed to drop?

E. Ness: We was supposed to drop an album, but what happened was we found our own identity so the label thought it was best if we come out with our own solo efforts. I'm up first and Babs still got a lot of material in the workings, she's putting together a solid project, but we recorded a lot of music so a lot of music didn't get used before they dismantled the band, but we got a lot of music recorded. So whenever I pop off and she pops off it's going to be a good look for both of us.

Q: I heard you on the radio a couple times here in Philly too, so why they showing you so much love?

E. Ness: Basically because of where I been, they know my struggle that I came from nothing and I got an opportunity to do what I always wanted to do and make money off it. I want to share my music with the world and sell records, so they support that and Philadelphia is a big market. It's not a real big city compared to other cities like Atlanta and New York, but it's a real big market and we take hip-hop serious. They know I'm one of the new faces up and coming, so they support me and get behind me and I give out the love while they show it back.