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CRAVE ONLINE has an interview with 8 Ball:

Crave Online: With MJ, you two are about to drop your seventh group release, and second for Bad Boy Entertainment. How does this new project measure up to previous 8 Ball & MJG efforts?

Eightball: Man, itís just, like to me, itís one of the best 8 Ball & MJG albums that weíve done in a long time. Itís like a combination of all our best stuff. Itís just gritty! The tracks, the music, is extra big Ė- They extra big on this album. Itís just a real good 8 Ball & MJG album.

Crave Online: You named the new CD, Ridiní High. Why?

Eightball: I donít know, man. I think we justÖI think everything has just been tight on this album. Like we went all the way gritty, (just) like we wanted to go. And, I think the big difference on this album might be the production. Itís gritty, itís underground, but the drums are so big on every song, like, we really tried to make some sh*t that was gonna bang in the trunk and bang in the club.