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From's Rumors section:


On the flip side, Diddy held a listening session last night and he commanded the crowd to sing "Happy Birthday" to the rapper. They also sang "Happy Birthday" to Andre Harrell, the man that gave Diddy his first shot at Uptown Records. Lil' Kim also came through and Diddy informed the crowd that he and the QB would be doing some work together. He even said he wanted to give her a better "Welcome Back" party. Lil' Cease was also there - SIKE! From what I have been told, Diddy's album sounds like a winner. A very fun, danceable recording. Now, I have been informed that there are a few records the b-boys and b-girls need to check for. First, the song with Diddy, Nas, Cee-Lo and Kanye. Secondly, there is a song that has Twista and Shawnna spitting like they have a mouth of madness. The other is a beat produced by Havoc of Mobb Deep; I was told it has eerie kids singing or something.

It's a rumors section, so be careful. But, if true... Diddy and Kim are working together again and Kanye is on the "Press Play" track that features Nas and Cee-Lo. Time will tell...