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Ness: The name of the album is called Nessessary. I got everybody production-wise from Bink,, Just Blaze, Kanye West, of course the Bad Boy staff, D-Dot, Tony Dofat, Stevie J, Chad West, a lot of people. ... Diddy said on one of the interludes of the mixtape that he kept you locked in the dungeon with no food or water to keep you hungry. He gave you a ringing endorsement, do you feel he’s 100% behind you at this point?

Ness: Um, no. I mean, you gotta understand that he has a label to run, he’s the CEO and he’s also the artist, and there’s also a lot of acts everywhere. I could say this, whenever I call him or I need anything, he would make sure it gets done. Money-wise, contractual-wise, any problem I have the door’s always open. People may be saying, “Why you still down with Bad Boy, Puff is a jerk artist or whatever,” but I’d be the first to say if you don’t handle your business, you’re gonna run into obstacles. Me and Puff got an understanding; he knows that I love the music. I can’t speak on anybody else’s situation, but I know all my paperwork is straight.

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