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From Yahoo! Entertainment:

"It's only fair that since he said he used Diddy first, that he be allowed to use it. I am blessed that I have many, many names to choose from," the rapper said in a statement, adding that he new album, Press Play, "will be released from Diddy in the U.S. and and from P. Diddy in Europe." Visit

A publicist for the rapper said Monday the matter was amicably resolved, but disputed a report in London's Guardian newspaper that the 36-year-old Combs had agreed to pay the 40-year-old Dearlove $18,000 in damages and more than $180,000 in legal costs (amounts that reportedly could be reduced on appeal by a High Court judge).

"The damages reported are wholly inaccurate and the request by Dearlove's attorney for legal fees in a case that has been settled is regrettable and is being vigorously contested," the publicist said.

Via Diddy's page.