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Block Entertainment CEO Big Block has made the newest member of Boyz N Da Hood official. It's not Rick Ross, Lil Wayne or T.I., as had been rumored. He went a whole different route and brought on a newcomer: Zo.

"When I first did Boyz, it was built on me grabbing new artists, springboarding their career, and they branch off," Block explained. "The whole movement was Big Gee, Jodie Breeze, Duke and Young Jeezy. Jeezy is up now, he's gone. I was gonna sign Rick Ross; Rick Ross couldn't sign with me. To keep it all the way real, it was paperwork, politics. Same thing with Lil Wayne; Wayne couldn't sign with me.

"So Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, T.I. are all honorary members of Boyz N Da Hood," he continued. "But the official new member is Zo. Zo is in the group. He's gonna take it to another level then drop his solo album, Welcome to the Zoo. ... The new group album in February is called Back in the Chevy. [Yung] Joc is on there. Ice Cube is on the single." ...