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From's rumors section:

Now, I knew this, but I needed a few co-signs before I put it up. When 50 Cent was on Whoo Kid's Hot 97 show, he was upset about the way Puff won't let Mase off Bad Boy records. Well, that part we know, right? But, I heard 50 said that Puff wants to do a joint venture with Mase and G-Unit. 50 reportedly replied, "Why should I do a joint venture with someone who doesn't even produce records?" Anyway, I heard that 50 also claimed that Diddy knows who killed Biggie and wasn't talking for fear of death. He said a lot of stuff about Diddy, which is an indication that the winter might be hotter than the summer.

Assuming it's true, I have two "words." They are "lol" and "sigh." I was thinking of not mentioning this, just because 50's just trying to get attention and I don't really want to give it to him, but there you have it. I hope 50 is aware of what a contract is.