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Well, I guess I have to talk about this nonsense again, even though I don't really have to. It's too "newsworthy" to avoid. I just got a quick listen to the 50 Cent diss track called "The Bomb" aimed at Diddy. He didn't say all that much, but here is the really absurd part:

Who shot Biggie Smalls?
We don't get them, they gon' kill us all
Man, Puffy know who hit that n****
Man, that n**** soft
He scared them boys from the west side'll break him off

So, who did it then, 50? He says something about some $50,000 for travel expenses on some tour, as well. Hard to really make out what he's talking about. I used to like 50 alright, used to spend money on his music. But, when he started doing this stuff, I basically introduced a 50 ban. I haven't spent a time on any of his music since and I won't. I might have to become familar with The Game, actually. I like that It's Okay (One Blood) song he put out.

Anyway, getting down to business. Speaking of business, that is the keyword. Business. This stuff is just stupid. Anyone who does business with 50 should be weary. Let me explain. Sometimes, when people talk about Diddy, they say things like "paper gangster." But, that just isn't consistent. People act like Diddy is doing something illegal or underhanded.

He's not. On the contrary, making sure your paper work is in order is what everyone should do. People act like being personally responsible is some sort of virus. I signed a contract, well, hey, I wanna leave now, who cares? That's nonsense and it's a problem. You go to work at X Corporation. You sign a contract. Period. You are held to that contract, good or bad. If you want the contract voided, you have to go through the appropriate legal steps and even then, there may not be an easy out, if there is not one in the contract.

So, 50 called Diddy and they can't agree. That's too bad because that's business. It's not being a gangster, it's simply following the contract. But, instead, 50 chooses to act like this. Knowing this, if you're a business, how can you do business with 50? How can you expect him to fulfill a contract that he signs if this is how he handles such matters? If 50 pulled this stuff with Reebok, they'd throw him into court in half a second. The only reason 50 can get away with this stuff is because people let him get away with it in this industry. In pretty much any other industry, this stuff doesn't float. 50 is trying to run a game on people. It doesn't fit. But, that doesn't mean people aren't falling for it.

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