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Seriously, enough of this. I've read interview after interview since he left Bad Boy. And I have seen it more than once where he says he doesn't want to create drama or to say bad things about Diddy and then... he goes and does it in the same interview! It's getting old, man. If he wants to takes jabs at Diddy, fine. Just don't do it after saying you're not going to. It's annoying. Something I've said previously:

Anyway, with Loon, for the majority of people who know who he is, they know him or first heard of him because of Diddy. Some artists seem to forget who got them their initial burst of recognition once they get big and everyone knows who they are. But, who were the people who first made the general public aware of you and gave you that shot? What's the biggest thing Loon has done to date? I Need a Girl, specifically the part one remix, which reached number 2 on the Billboard 100. Why was that possible? Diddy/Bad Boy. It's good that he appears to know that ... and hopefully he'll keep that in mind. They appear to still be cool, which is good, if he's writing for Diddy's upcoming album.

Don't get me wrong, though, I like Loon. I really liked his album (I have two copies of it, actually) and many of the tracks he's appeared on for other artists, Bad Boy and otherwise...

My feelings on him have really turned on him since then. Just do your music and stop the other stuff because it makes it look like you're trying to get attention when most of your interview is you talking about other people (Diddy, Jim Jones, Mase) as opposed to talking about yourself.