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The Bad Boy i-Squads have closed. From the sites:

Due to circumstances beyond our control and at the decision of Bad Boy Records, we will be closing down the Bad Boy i-Squad effective immediately.

I don't mind them closing as much as the sudden nature of it. I had a ton of points built up over time. My standing:

Bad Boy i-Squad
181,175 points (25th)
Last redeemed something on April 16, 2005

Cheri Dennis i-Squad
38,075 points (13th)
Never redeemed something

Yung Joc i-Squad
43,400 points (3rd)
Never redeemed something

What this means is that I have spent a bunch of my time at these sites promoting Bad Boy artists with the expectation of being able to redeem these points for CDs, etc. and now, I have little to show for it. The decision to close the i-Squads is going to be met negatively by fans in general, but to close it like this is terrible. The right way to do it would have been to give the i-Squad members a window of time where they could redeem their points for whatever was left in the i-Squad shops as they have done with previous closures. That would have greatly softened the blow. But, instead, our points count for absolutely nothing and they are leaving literally hundreds (thousands?) of fans high and dry. That's a shame.