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AHHA: Youíve signed to Bad Boy and Diddy has this track record of crazy hits like Biggie and Faith, but also has a lot of misses. Did you have any reservations before signing with Bad Boy?

Cassie: I actually never have been asked this question in an interview, and thatís really cool that you did, because itís usually asked by kids. Kids notice. There were a lot of factors as to why I signed [to Bad Boy] because I did have other deals on the table. I got to hang out with Puff and see what he was all about when I was in Miami. He actually really talked to me about what he wanted to do. I didnít hear that from anyone else. It wasnít like, ďOh, weíre gonna make you a star!Ē It was all planned out, kind of, in his head. Then it came to be, because the single got so big.

Iím really happy that I [signed to Bad Boy]. At this point, I have great management, Iím signed to Next Selection too, Ryanís production company, so I have a great production company as well. Itís just a great group. I donít know how it is for everyone else at the label. I think the Making The Band girls [Danity Kane] are so talented. I got to watch them record with different producers when they were in Miami. They are so focused. Cheri Dennis is so amazing. There are artists on Bad Boy that are really gonna do it this year for sure. [Yung] Joc! First week album sales 150 [thousand]. Itís gonna turn around, definitely. ...

AHHA: I was reading in your blog about an original video for ďMe & UĒ that leaked.

Cassie: Well what happened was before I got a deal, the song was kind of building on MySpace, but what I personally felt was, ďWhere is this gonna go?Ē I just didnít expect it to go anywhere. At the same time, I was at a point where I felt like I needed to be so different. For me to different, I felt like I needed to be grown. That wasnít the ticket. I didnít wanna do it anyway, but I tried to make it work and it didnít. Little X was like, ďLook, come to Toronto. Weíll shoot a low budget video.Ē I went with Ryan, so I wasnít there by myself. I saw it [the video] and was like, ďNo. This isnít me.Ē [Little X] was like, ďOk letís edit it and do it again.Ē He edited it, and it didnít change anything. I was like, ďLook, I canít do this. Iím sorry. Itís not me.Ē About a week later it was leaked on the internetÖuncut. Everything was just raw. I was so embarrassed. I didnít expect this.

A lot of fans just asked questions like, ďWhy would you do it anyway?Ē Iím thinking, ďLook, I didnít really expect my career to go anywhere to be completely honest with you.Ē Thatís what I did. Itís over. Thatís the worst thing you can find on me. It was definitely a mistake on my part, and I wish Iíd never done it. I thought I redeemed myself with the other video, but a lot of people like the raw version more than the new one. I donít really know why [laughs].

Come on... a lot of misses? All record labels have a lot of misses (both in the form of actual releases and artists who are signed, but don't release an album) if they are around for 12 years. I'm not sure why some people think it's unique to Bad Boy. Anyway, the interview is worth a read, certainly.

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