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From the Morning Sentinel:

"According to Deanna McCoy, after she and Jordan would hear a song for the first time and approve of it, the management team would have to approve the song before going to Diddy.

"After going through all those people, if Diddy didn't like it, it wasn't going to be recorded," Deanna McCoy said. "We've been very careful about song selection. ... There have been more than one time when we got back with the songwriter and asked them to change something. Bottom line, no touchy-feely stuff that's not appropriate for a young girl."

"I think all the songs are age appropriate," Jordan McCoy said. "Younger kids can listen to them, but they're about things teen and young adults can relate to. ... Diddy is very protective. There were times when I thought it was OK to do a song, but Diddy would say, 'No, you can't do that either.' He's like a big brother, always watching out for me."