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Just a rumor (... just a rumor), but rumors section is reporting:


Iím not the only one with rumors. Aside from Maino, Vibe magazine also has some good ones. In the new issue, they say that 50 Cent might be preparing an all-out lyrical assault on Diddy and Bad Boy, because they havenít been able to get their paperwork together with Ma$e. The source says that Curtis and Mason have completed the Harlem rapperís debut G-Unit album, but canít wriggle out of the legalities. Vibeís VC says that Diddy wants a $2 million lump sum to get Betha out of there, but 50 isnít willing to pay all that for the rapper-turned-preacher-turned rapper. I suggest they do a joint venture like G-Unit did with Freeway and Roc-A-Fella and we all get paid. I mean, they all get paid.

We'll see. I wouldn't be shocked. I liked 50 at one point, but I've slowly been turned off to him and if he does anything like this... well, I'll just continue in that direction. Who hasn't 50 gone at, really? Go to WikiPedia for a refresher. To name a handful: Ja Rule, Nas, Fat Joe, The Lox, Jay-Z, The Game... wait, all of those people are cool with Diddy and Bad Boy. (Well, I mean... yeah, Jadakiss likes to talk about throwing refrigerators around, but after Diddy gave them their publishing as a gift, they were all smiles). Between The Game being on Duets and working with Diddy, Ja Rule being on a Duets Bonus Track, Diddy generally being friendly with a bunch of people that 50 has or is going at, the crazy radio appearance where 50 said Diddy was "driving B.I.G. into the ground" and the Mase stuff, this doesn't seem that far fetched. But... whatever.

Via Renť.