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Bad Boy Records rapper Black Rob (born Robert Ross) was sentenced to up to seven years in jail for grand larceny Thursday (March 30) in New York. Rob was picked up on a fugitive warrant February 24 after skipping out on an agreement to turn himself in January 24 to begin serving a two-to-six-year sentence on the charges. A spokesperson for the Manhattan district attorney's office said the rapper was given the maximum sentence on the charge due to his flight. He will begin serving immediately.

I was hoping that it wouldn't come to this, even if I kind of suspected it would. There is a big difference between 7 years and 2-6 years. He should have just turned himself in. Rob has issues. This is why there was no second single for The Black Rob Report and why, some would say, promotion of his album stalled. You can't promote an album if the artist isn't focused, if the artist is getting in trouble, if the artist is locked up. I'm a fan of B.R. and this is sad news. Hopefully he gets his issues straightened out and gets himself back on track.

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