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Termanology has released what seems to be a bit of a Diddy tribute song with Termanology saying "What's up, rap world? I figured I'd take this opportunity to look outside of myself and say, what would I say if I was Diddy?" He then raps:

9-1, Heavy D
9-2, Mary J.
No more Uptown
Bad Boy on the way
9-3, 9-4, B.I.G.'s in the door
9-5, makin' hits, Junior M.A.F.I.A. clique
Craig Mack, Flava in Ya Ear, don't stop there
Lil' Kim, posin' in the panties in the brassiere
Sing Biggie, Biggie, gimme one more chance
Biggie, Biggie, gimme one more chance, oh, man
Fly chicks, rollin' in fly whips
9-6, Bad Boy invented the remix
These hits got the whole world lovin' my clique
They lovin' the sound
The whole world hittin' my hip
9-7, Big passed and he went up to heaven
Only on his second album, he already a legend
Man, I wish Big coulda seen the world in 0-7
Matter of fact, sometimes I wish I just died with him
I miss him

At the start of the track, Kanye raps "They claim Puff dead, I'm out the tomb then..."

It's a neat track.

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