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Here are some press release quotes from Diddy and Block on renewing the deal:

In making the announcement, Sean "Diddy" Combs said: "As we have continued to expand the musical scope of Bad Boy, we knew we had to be plugged into the creative and vibrant Southern scene. When Block and I first met, I realized he had an ear for the streets of the South and that he would be the perfect person to be our partner in developing and breaking new talent. The success of Boyz N Da Hood and Yung Joc proves that our instincts were right, and there is much more fantastic music in the pipeline from the Block/Bad Boy South team. I am thrilled that we have renewed our commitment to this great relationship."

Russell "Block" Spencer commented: "As the South market grew, Diddy and Bad Boy realized they needed to be involved. I was looking to take the music we make in the South to another level, and the collaboration between Block Enterprises and Bad Boy South was the perfect avenue for both of our companies. Look at the success we have already attained. When the machine is working successfully, you don't look to fix it, but to add to it to make it better. The renewal of our deal is going to make the Block/Bad Boy South partnership even bigger."

Bad Boy Executive VP and General Manager Harve Pierre commented: "Our joint venture with Block Enterprises has given us the opportunity to reach out to a broader audience base as we move forward with the evolution and re-invention of Bad Boy. Looking back to when we first started with a handful of people in 1992 and fast forwarding to 2006, we have truly grown as a label, family, and industry. We now have the manpower to get more done in less time. After seeing the success of Boyz N Da Hood and Yung Joc on their debut albums, I can say with conviction that this is the continuation of a beautiful relationship."

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