If you visit the official site and go to Artists and click on Christian Daniel, you'll notice that there is now info and a picture. A snippet:

Ever since he was a boy growing up in Puerto Rico, Christian Daniel knew that he was a singer. Raised in a house where music played day and night, the youngster trained his ear to the sounds of the great Latin baladeers. Music not only surrounded him, but it poured from him uncontrollably. He recalls singing to the radio non-stop as a four-year old, and holding impromptu performances with his sister and brother to the songs of Sting and Eric Clapton when he was just six.

“Music has always been in my soul,” says Daniel, now 22, on the verge of releasing his first CD, Christian Daniel under the new label, Bad Boy Latino. “For as long as I remember I was always singing.” ...

For the past two years Daniel has been collaborating with songwriters and producers to assemble the Spanish language CD that will bring his voice to the public. The songs he chose not only carry a great deal of emotion, but they speak to experiences Daniel himself has lived. His forthcoming single “Donde Quedaran” speaks of a long-time love who suddenly leaves. Though heartbroken, the singer realizes that the past never returns, and that he must move forward. Daniel interprets the message as a positive one.