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The album insert for "In and Out of Love" features an advertisement for the Sean John women's line featuring Cassie, Lauren London and Asia Nitollano. The other side says that you can text Cheri to 33133 to get ringtones, wallpapers and more. It also features another phone number and says "Call Cheri Now at (XXX) XXX-XXXX". Upon calling this number, I'm greeted with a voice saying there is not an account at the number.

Below the mobile ad, the covers of "Hustlenomics", "Welcome to the Zoo" and "Don't Talk, Just Listen" are featured below "In Stores Now:". "Coming Soon From Bad Boy:", it says, are Cassie, Elephant Man, Danity Kane, Making the Band 4 and Donnie Klang.

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GIANT Magazine has part 1 of their video interview with Cheri Dennis.

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Watch below for behind the scenes footage from Cheri Dennis' photo shoot for Bleu Magazine.

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Cheri Dennis will be performing at Home, on 27th Street between 10th and 11th Avenue, on March 6. Doors open at 6:00 PM.

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From a press release issued by Bad Boy:

On Tuesday, February 26th, Cheri will herald the CD release of ďIN AND OUT OF LOVEĒ with a live appearance on BETís 106 & Park (check local listing). That same day will see her visiting the innovative New York City high school, the Bronx Millennium Art Academy. Dennis will spend the day meeting students and performing in support of Urban Farming, a volunteer program focused on eradicating hunger, while increasing diversity, motivating youth and seniors, and optimizing the production of unused land for food and alternative energy. For more information on Urban Farming, please see

February 28th will find Cheri continuing her work with Urban Farming, this time by doing an outreach and awareness event at a Detroit high school. That same day will also see Dennis making an eagerly awaited in-store appearance at former NBA superstar Derrick Colemanís SNYX Sneaker Studio, located at 8961 Linwood Avenue on Detroitís West Side

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I realized that I forgot to mention in this post was that, in the interview, Cheri mentioned that she is planning to start working on a new album in March.

LaRonda (UBG): Have you started work on your next album yet?
Cheri Dennis: I start that in the middle of March.

What? Why? I mean, I guess she has to do something, but couldn't she be promoting the current album? I guess, technically, it's been out since November, but it does seem kind of quick, no?

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Complex, and have interviews with Cheri Dennis. Some snippets:

C: You didnít sound very supportive [of Diddy] on the albumís intro. Were you taking a swipe at Diddy?
Cheri Dennis: No. I didnít pick the intro. That was a Puffy call. Did he take a swipe at himself? Youíd have to ask him.

The album's intro is from 2001's "The Saga Continues...", titled "Incomplete (Interlude)".

In the interview with, she mentions that she hopes the next single will be "Showdown" and says:

LaRonda (UBG): What's the best advice Diddy has given you?
Cheri Dennis: Sleeping is for suckers! Diddy will go to a party at like 12am, it will end at 5am and he'll be ready to get back to business at 6am. He never sleeps (laughs).

LaRonda (UBG): Is working with Diddy as difficult as we hear and see on TV from your perspective?
Cheri Dennis: Yep! It can be very intense, when he wants something done he gets things done! If I was to tell you that everything that you see on camera from 'Makin The Band' isn't who he is then I would be lying. When it's time to play he does that to the fullest and when he's ready to work - its time to work! I've seen him put hot sauce in the mouths of people who were sleep. No joke (laughs). Luckily I'm on the female side of that (laughs), but he does do that to the guys.

Finally, from the NobodySmiling interview: : Describe what itís like to be on Bad Boyís label, I think a lot of people have developed perceptions of what goes on in that camp. What has it been like for you thus far?

Cheri Dennis : There are so many urban myths about what goes on behind these doors. For me Iím proud to be on Bad Boy because I was a big Biggie fan and he was a phenomenal artist and just to know that I walked in the building that his man used to walk around in is an inspiration to me. I feel like Iím blessed and whatever people may think about Bad Boy or Puffy I think that Iím blessed and Iím in a position that people would definitely want to be in. So I thank God everyday that this is my life and not somebody elseís life and I want to thank all my fans and the people that have supported my career because they donít have to do it and Iím thankful for them.

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Today, the physical version of "In and Out of Love" by Cheri Dennis has been released. You can pick it up on Here's the tracklisting:

1. "Intro"
2. "I Love You" featuring Jim Jones and Yung Joc
3. "Portrait of Love" featuring Yung Joc and Gorilla Zoe
4. "Remind You"
5. "All I Wanna Do"
6. "Alright"
7. "In and Out of Love (Interlude)"
8. "Dropping Out of Love"
9. "Pretend"
10. "Spaced Out"
11. "Act Like You Know"
12. "Showdown"
13. "Ooh Ooh"
14. "Finally Made It (Interlude)"
15. "Caught Up"
16. "Waiting"

As we reported on Sunday, the Japanese version of the album will have two bonus tracks: "Freak" and "Ooh La La".

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Despite what Cheri Dennis told us and Billboard reported, it does not appear that the U.S. version of "In and Out of Love" will have any bonuses.

However, it looks as though there will be two bonus tracks on the Japanese release. According to, they will be "Freak" and "Ooh La La".

"Freak" was put out as a promotional single back in 2004, seemingly an attempt to generate some buzz behind Cheri to see if it would catch, leading to her album being released. It didn't. The track featured Babs and with Diddy all over it, it's easily one of my favorite Cheri Dennis songs. With Babs now off the label, you may see the no rap version, if this actually ends up being true.

"Ooh La La" was the opening song for Making the Band 2, Diddy's first foray into reality television. Back in 2006, it looked like this track would make her album. On her website, you could listen to a version featuring two verses from former Bad Boy rapper G. Dep. But, as "In and Out of Love" became a reality, it was stripped from the tracklist. Like Babs, G. Dep is no longer with the label. So, you could see a no rap version here, as well.

But, really, I think it's great that these two tracks are finally being released, certainly giving one an incentive to pick up the Japanese release of the album.

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Cheri Dennis is featured in an issue of The Chronicles Magazine that will be available in the first week of March. She's also featured in the February/March issue of POC Magazine.

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